Should we feel safe with our data in the cloud?

Our data is increasingly controlled by Big Tech. While privacy is promised, handing over possession of our data to large corporations constitutes a rising threat, especially in the age of cyber-attacks, government surveillance, and targeted-marketing-based business models coupled with rising big data analysis capabilities.

While remote connectivity is exploding around the world, we have still not taught our devices to directly and securely access each other's data over the internet. Relying on cloud providers to facilitate sharing is fundamentally inefficient — adding an unnecessary intermediary into the equation. This results in a sub-optimal setup – with superfluous synchronizations, extra data storage, overhead in energy consumption, and a corporate intermediary with the power to monetize its position as a data broker.

Cloudless Sharing

Nokl Logo makes remote collaboration and sharing maximally efficient while empowering users to regain ownership of their data.

Our proprietary peer-to-peer mounted-drive technology makes drives and folders from one device available on another just as though they are local, via a secure p2p protocol. This all happens in a snap – users just install Nokl, sign in, and are instantaneously plugged in to a private network of their remote drives and shared folders. We call this new paradigm – Cloudless Sharing (™) – the kind of efficient and private sharing where you actually own your data and are never forced to pay an intermediary.

Nokl Team