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See your remote computer drives as local
Share folders instantly with coworkers, family, and friends

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Share folders instantly and free

Share folders instantly and for free

Share folders seamlessly with your coworkers, family and friends. It’s free no matter the size! Enjoy immediate access to large files and complex folder structures by sharing directly — never wait for another sync to and from the cloud.

Access computer drives remotely

NOKL’s peer-to-peer mounted-drive technology makes your drives from one computer accessible on another just as though they are local. Watch a movie, play music, or view a large pdf remotely without the delays caused by downloading an entire file.

Own your data and keep it private

Own your data and keep it private

Protect your privacy by hosting your most sensitive data on your own servers. Sharing via Nokl is “cloudless” thanks to an end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer connection.

Keep remote team collaboration efficient

Effortlessly set up shared folders for your team. Teammates utilize their native operating systems and apps to collaborate on remote content. File edits are seen immediately.

View files from phone or tablet

View files from phone or tablet

Conveniently access computer files from your phone or tablet. For Android devices, the reverse is also true.

Tell me how?

  • Simply Download and install Nokl on each of your devices and log in to your account. That’s it! Your devices will now see each other’s drives.
  • Right click on any folder and “Share via Nokl…” to share instantly with other Nokl users. Once the receiver’s email is entered, the shared folder will instantaneously appear on their computer.